Seniors Yoga Classes At Charleyoga

Seniors Yoga Fremantle Perth

Welcome to our page about yoga for seniors. If you are looking for a seniors yoga class then you have come to the right place as we run regular classes in Applecross, Bateman and Fremantle (Perth).

All ages are welcome but seniors make up a lot of our student base. There’s no need to worry that you will be the only senior in class or that you won’t be able to keep up as options are given for all abilities. Our teachers are used to dealing with all kinds of injuries and restrictions so don’t let that stop you either. Simply come along and do what you can each week.  Your body & mind will thank you for it in the long run!

What To Expect At A Seniors Yoga Class

Seniors Yoga The style of yoga we teach is gentle and therapeutic with lots of focus on breathing and awareness. There is nothing to remember as everything is explained in detail each week. If you are new to things, you’ll never feel lost or like you can’t do it . Students are encouraged to take things at their own pace with opportunities to challenge if you want to and rest when you need to. Each class ends with a guided meditation which is an opportunity to practice relaxing your body and quietening your busy mind. This takes practice and it’s quite normal for your mind to be racing with thoughts! It’s what all minds do and practical tips are given to work with that.

Flexible Attendance

Seniors YogaAll classes are open level so you can swap around between classes on the timetable as you need to. We run in terms but you can join anytime and pay a pro-rata rate for the weeks remaining.  Concession pricing is available if you have a seniors card you can check out our pricing here.  We can sometimes fit in casual attendees but it’s best to check before turning up as many of our classes do book out with term bookings.  Regular attendance is encouraged for the most benefit and we prioritise term bookings over casual attendance.  If you want to come more than once a week then extra classes are less than half price. We like to look after our regulars and mostly have loyal, long term students.  They are very friendly groups & will make you feel welcome, we promise!

Getting Started

Sound good and ready to get started? Book online here now.  Select the class you mostly plan to attend but then you can swap around as needed depending on your schedule.

Have specific questions about your health, injuries or anything else? Please feel free to call us on 6219 5176 during office hours and we can give you a mini consult on the phone to discuss any concerns you might have before committing.  Otherwise, you can reach us via email at or click here to make an enquiry.