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Charley Hickey Yoga Therapist

Charley Hickey – Yoga Therapist

I enjoy sharing yoga with others so much that I feel guilty calling it work! With a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys to share my days with I feel eternally blessed to have such a good work/life balance.

My yoga journey began at the tender age of 11, suffering from insomnia and unhappy that there was not much help. Over the years I practiced the techniques that allowed me to manage my insomnia and from that point on yoga became a part of my life.  The physical side came later for me which is a backwards journey compared with most students who usually begin for the physical benefits and become more interested in meditation and breath work later on.

A few years after I moved to Perth, a friend asked me why I wasn’t a yoga teacher. It was a “lightbulb” moment for me, how could I have not seen this before?!  I have been teaching yoga in Perth since 2003 and haven’t looked back.

Also a qualified Yoga Therapist, I am able to assist students holistically with an individually tailored approach to wellness in a one on one therapeutic setting. Read more about Yoga Therapy HERE>>

All yoga teachers taking classes at Charleyoga are certified, professional individuals and I can confidently assure you that you are in good hands. Feel free to get in touch as I am happy to personally have a chat with you over the phone about any concerns you may have about starting yoga.