Yoga Classes Perth

At Charleyoga our yoga classes are a gentle combination of therapeutic yoga, pilates, fitness movements and relaxing meditation. There is an emphasis on breathing and awareness.  Join our yoga classes south of Perth anytime during the term – beginning, middle or end, it really doesn’t matter! Located just south of Perth in Applecross, Winthrop & East Fremantle, all our yoga classes are open level and beginners can join anytime.  You don’t even need to be able to touch your toes.  We encourage you to take things at your own pace whilst relaxing and enjoying the movements. We promise not to poke you, push you or try to move you into impossible positions. 

Yoga classes

The aim is to feel good during and after your yoga class and effectively release tension from your body and mind whilst improving flexibility and strength.  Many students report that their stress levels are reduced after  yoga class and that they sleep better.

If you think you are too old, too stiff or out of shape to do yoga then you have come to the right place. This type of yoga class is fantastic for those that might suffer from old injuries, back or neck problems. Read more about our yoga classes>>

We also offer one on one yoga therapy sessions with a qualified yoga therapist, read more about yoga therapy>>

 Yoga Classes